About Us

Curb Stuff! was created to simplify the way people donate to others.  It seems that in our society many things are scrapped when we upgrade, and those people that could have used it are left with nothing.  We've all seen people with old furniture or electronics left in garages to rot for years, and we hope that by creating an easier way to just give away these items for free, that maybe we could keep this from happening. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle has always been a fantastic way of not only living a clutter free life, but also helping others and the environment.  By making an easy to use classified ads system dedicated to only giving away things for free, we strive to make that idea a reality.

Curb Stuff! is based out of San Antonio, TX.  Ads and donations support the site in order to keep things running and free of charge.  You can contact Curb Stuff!'s owner and web administrator at

You may donate by clicking the "PayPal" button below.  All donations are appreciated, and do help to keep the site running.  Thank You.