You can search from the home page, or through the Advance Search page.  It is recommended that you try first searching by category, and then adding in a keyword later if there are too many posts.  Keep your keywords simple and short to receive the best results.  The zipcode search works by using your entered zip code and pulling up all user's post within the specified radius.  If your leave the zip code field blank, all post's within your criteria will be pulled up regardless of distance.

After you have found an item that you would like, you can send a message to that user, asking about the item and when or how pickup or delivery should occur.  You must be signed in to send messages, so it is recommended to login or register before contacting another user.


You must first be registered to post an item.  After you have registered and logged in, you may go to "submit item".  Fill out the form, and insert a picture if you wish.  After submitted, the item will be automatically posted.   You can view your post, edit, and delete it in the My Curb section.  When a user wishes to pickup your item, they will send a message to your inbox on the site in the Messaging section, and a notification of the message being received will be sent to your email.  You can then discuss the item and schedule a pickup or delivery through the sites internal mailing system.

if you have any questions you may send them to